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Result for 2000 IP Duo Omni Soundtube Headset 

2000 IP Duo Omni Soundtube Headset

2000 IP Duo Omni Soundtube Headset

Designed for durability, the GN 2000 is the toughest contact centre headset yet. Consists of two earpieces for noisier more

Retailer: Ligo Electronics Ltd
Brand: GN Netcom
Category: Headsets
Availability: Check Stock Levels

Description - Designed for durability, the GN 2000 is the toughest contact centre headset yet. Consists of two earpieces for noisier environments and equipped with a SoundTube standard microphone. Please click more info for compatibility. The new GN 2000 series contact center headsets feature the superb call clarity for which GN Netcom are famous. Yet they’re also tested to withstand rough handling by multiple users. Best of all, GN 2000 headsets cost far less than you would expect for a headset of this quality. The GN 2000 is a straightforward, easy-to-use headset. It’s available with a SoundTube equipped with a standard microphone. Thanks to fully gimbaled mountings the earpieces automatically adjust to the shape and angle of individual ears. And less manual adjustment means your agents can concentrate on their calls and not on their headsets. The GN 2000’s ear-cushions also provide better acoustical coupling, ensuring a rich incoming signal. Unlike other so-called “wideband” headsets that cut-off around 4000 Hz, the GN 2000 provides full frequency response up to 6800 Hz so your agents enjoy optimum call clarity with significantly less need to ask customers to repeat themselves. What’s more, this remarkable headset also features our PeakStopTM technology, which cuts off sudden loud noises above 118 dB SPL. Built to last, the GN 2000 is our toughest contact center headset yet. The headbands are made of impact-resistant materials that are strong and resilient to keep the headset firmly, yet comfortably in place throughout the workday.

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